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  • $10.95

    Chicken Tenders

    maple mustard, honey teriyaki, buffalo or jerk bbq (‘nuff said)
  • $8.95/$14.95

    Crispy Wings

    • Small - $8.95
    • Large - $14.95
    all fried crisp, your choice of southern style, jerk bbq, sweet chili or hot ‘n spicy
  • $ 15.95

    Crab & Spinach Dip

    in house crafted, fresh crab and spinach cheese dip served with warm baguette slices
  • $11.95

    Calamari Fritti

    lightly dusted, spiced and fried crisp, fresh tomato & sweet chili sauce
  • $16.95

    Jamaican Hot Pepper Shrimp

    a dozen peel n’ eat shrimp, sautéed in our special spicy Hot Caribbean seasoning
  • $13.95

    Grilled Gulf Shrimp

     grilled with our original spices, and finished with jerk BBQ sauce
  • $15.95


    kissed with a touch of island curry and coconut milk flavorful garlic & white wine sauce served with rolls
  • $16.95

    Seafood Boat

    jerk BBQ shrimp, mini crab cakes, and island scallops
  • $13.95

    Coconut Shrimp

    butterflied and crisped with sweet coconut and ginger pineapple dipping sauce
  • $15.95

    Crab Cake

    pan crisped lump crab cake topped with honey lime drizzle


  • $23.95

    Jerk BBQ Beef Short Ribs

    Cooked slow for hours in rich spiced stock until tender then glazed with our signature jerk BBQ sauce
  • $24.95

    Caribbean Crab Cake

    pan crisped lump crab cake topped with honey lime drizzle …
  • $24.95

    Potato Crusted Salmon

    pan roasted salmon fillet dressed with golden scalloped potato and topped with a roasted scotch bonnet cream sauce
  • $24.95

    Crab ‘n Curry Fried Rice

    a REEF original. long grain rice, lump crab meat, stir-fried with brunoise vegetables and steeped in crab stock infused with curry and coconut essence
  • $22.95

    Brown Stewed Oxtails

    beef oxtails braised in rich brown gravy, fresh, thyme, butter beans, island spice and done fork tender
  • $24.95

    Salmon Montego Bay

    Marinated with light jerk seasoning and grilled on a open flame served with citrus spice infused Jamaican jerk sauce

  • $15.95

    Island Scallop

    Sautéed with Caribbean spice and served with mango relish

  • $19.95

    Reef Jerk Chicken

    Jerk rubbed, marinated chicken topped with jerk sauce

  • $19.95

    Caribbean Curry Chicken

    Jerk rubbed, marinated chicken topped with sauce

  • $24.95

    Red Snapper

    Snapper fillet, seasoned and  sautéed, fresh thyme, julienne vegetables and sweet mango sauce

  • $22.95

    Curry Shrimp

    Gulf shrimp  sautéed with julienne vegetables in light curry sauce


  • $9.95

    Reef Quesadilla Add: Chicken +5 / Shrimp +7 / Crab +9 / Salmon + 11

    crisped flour tortilla stuffed with Caribbean spiced sweet bell peppers roasted sweet onion and three cheeses (monterey jack, sharp and mild cheddar) tomato salsa & sour cream
  • $11.95

    Chicken Cheesesteak

    marinated chopped chicken breast served on a soft 10” roll with your choice of calypso or traditional fries
  • $11.95

    Philly Cheesesteak

    served on a soft 10” roll with your choice of crab or traditional fries
  • $10.95

    Jerk Chicken Melt Sandwich

    boneless jerk chicken, melted pepper and cheddar jack cheese with Caribbean mayonnaise on a brioche roll
  • $11.95

    Turkey Burger

    fresh half pound of seasoned ground turkey, grilled to order atop a soft brioche bun
  • $16.95

    Crab Cake Sandwich Exquisite taste

    Pan crisp lump crab cake with Caribbean mayonnaise on a warm brioche roll

  • $11.95

    Jerk Chicken Cheesesteak

    A Jamaican twist on the Philadelphia Classic, served with your choice of our calypso or traditional fries

Side Dishes

  • $5.95

    Side Dishes

    • Rice ‘n Beans
    • White Rice
    • Roasted Garlic
    • Mashed Potato
    • Mac n’ Cheese
    • Candied Yams
    • Seasoned Steamed Cabbage
    • Sautéed Green Beans
    • Broccoli Asparagus
    • French Fries
    • Calypso Fries
    • Yam
    • Fries
    • Fried Plantains
    • Corn Brea


  • Soups Ask your server

    Soups of the day


  • $14.95

    Grilled Fruit & Walnut Salad

    tropical mixed greens with grilled pineapple, candied walnuts, crumbled bleu cheese, tossed in house pineapple mango vinaigrette.
  • $11.95

    Tropical Mixed Green

    mixed greens, red onion, pignolia nuts, heart of palm and fresh herbs, served with raspberry vinaigrette dressing
  • $10. 95

    Traditional Caesar Salad

    crisp romaine lettuce, tossed in caesar dressing with grated parmesan cheese, fresh ground pepper and croutons
  • $12.95

    Grilled Fruit & Walnut Salad Should to try

    Tropical mixed greens with grilled pineapple, candied walnuts, crumbled bleu cheese, tossed in the house pineapple mango vinaigrette